Goodbye To An Old Friend

29 Feb

Yesterday, I learned via Facebook of a friend from college dieing of brain cancer.

This whole Facebook phenomenon has an interesting twist when someone dies. This is the second time that one of my Facebook friends has died, and their Wall turns into a virtual memorial, with people posting memories, sympathies to the family, and pictures.

I haven’t talked to David since college, but we reconnected on Facebook a few years ago. He came to the Reno area regularly for Burning Man, and it would have been fun to see him on one of those trips. He had two young daughters, and it just breaks my heart thinking of his little family carrying on without him, and also thinking about all he will miss as a father to those girls. Thanks to Facebook, though, we had at least reconnected virtually, I was aware of his illness, and I was also informed of his passing in a very timely manner. If this would have happened 10 years ago, I likely wouldn’t have found out about his passing at all.

The other Facebook friend who died was someone I knew all through elementary school to high school. From what I could gather on the Wall posts, she committed suicide. Periodically, like on her birthday or the anniversary of her death, I’ll see notes that her Mom writes to her, or notes that friends write.

I wonder what Facebook’s policy is for people who have died. So far, it appears they leave the account intact, and it seems to be a high tech way for people to mourn the lost.

It definitely makes me think about my own mortality when people my age die. Especially David, who I remember as a vibrant, funny and fun loving guy. Let this serve as a reminder to live each life in the fullest.

Rest in peace, Dave.

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