The Romantic Getaway that Didn’t Happen

5 Aug

This weekend, I did the best birthday surprise ever for JB.  It completely blew his mind!  I told him we were going somewhere on an overnight trip.  I told him to pack all kinds of random things, including swim fins, a dress shirt, goggles, running shoes, etc.  I didn’t let on until we pulled into the long term parking at the airport that we weren’t actually going anywhere, but that we were going to pick someone up.

You should have seen his reaction.  It was hilarious.  I then called the surprise guest, JB’s best friend Jon, and Jon answered the phone saying, “the eagle has landed”.  I marched JB to the bag claim area, and then just told him to keep an eye out for people he recognized. 

My husband had perma-grin all weekend.  And not only did he get time with Jon, but he got to go to the Steely Dan  concert that he has been drooling over for weeks.  In fact, at one point last week, he asked if he really had to go on the surprise trip, as he wanted to go to this concert.  It made things all the sweeter that Jon and JB had been Steely Dan fans together in their college days.

Before the concert, we went out to eat at Cabo Wabo’s in South Lake Tahoe.  The concert was really good (very interesting people watching as well).  I hate to admit that I only knew 2 songs, but I guess that’s because the band was popular in the 70s, and well, I don’t have much memory of the 70s. 

Afterwards, we went out to Cabo Wabo’s for the bar scene, and they had an awesome cover band that had me dancing like crazy as the boys hung out.  There were bachelorette parties amuck in there, and I have decided that the next bachelorette party I throw will need to be there. 

Sunday, the boys recovered most of the day while I hung out with Little Miss.  I was on low sleep as well, but didn’t have the hangover issue that they did.  Little Miss got to spend time at her cousins’ house, so she was thrilled.  Next weekend, it’s my turn to watch her cousins, which I can’t complain, because babysitters are flipping expensive, and there aren’t three little girls I’d rather hang out with than my nieces and daughter.

On a side note, congrats to my brother G, who finished second overall and first in his age-group in the Vineman AquaBike race over the weekend.  This nutty event is like an Ironman without the marathon run, including a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike.  His athletic prowess never ceases to amaze me.  Thanks for being so selfish with those athletic genes, bro!

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