Yet Again, Only In Nevada

6 Sep

I am reeling from this news article…

Father Arrested After Leaving Toddler in Car at Brothel Parking Lot

PATRICK, Nev. —  An Oregon rugby player remains in jail Tuesday after being arrested on charges he left his 2-year-old daughter in a vehicle in the parking lot of a Nevada brothel on a 95-degree day.

Lucien Hoffman, of Bend, Ore., is being held in the Storey County Detention Center in lieu of $40,000 bail on charges of child neglect.

Police arrested Hoffman early Sunday night at the World Famous Mustang Ranch brothel in Sparks, Nev., after a security guard found the child crying inside the car, according to Storey County Sheriff’s Det./Sgt. Kenneth Quirk.

Hoffman, a wing for Bend Rugby who goes by the nicknames Luke and “Torpedo,” had been attending a pool party and barbecue at the brothel, a co-sponsor of a Labor Day weekend rugby tournament in Reno organized by the Reno Zephyrs Rugby Club.

Read entire article.

This is my favorite quote: “We know Luke to be a good father.  He’s not a neglectful person or an irresponsible parent. It’s unfortunate that he made the decision that he did to put here in the car, but I’m sure the decision wasn’t arrived at in a neglectful manner or that he was intentionally being neglectful.”

Seriously?!  As someone who lives in NV, I can tell you that I wouldn’t leave a pet in the car for even a few minutes this time a year, and never my daughter.  And what a jerk, taking his child to a brothel!  He should lose custody and visitation rights and should go to prison for being such a self centered *bleepity bleep bleep bleep*.  But I bet you he’s just going to get probation.  Asinine, I tell you.

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