Shaken Up

18 May

Well, last night was my Corporate Challenge swim meet. While we were warming up in the pool, I started hearing whistles.

Now, as a former lifeguard, I know the difference between whistle blows.

A short ‘tweet, tweet’ is what you use when you’re trying to get a kid to stop running or hanging on the lane line.

A long ‘TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET’ would communicate that there is something more going on.

But if there is a true emergency, all pools I’ve worked at had an air horn, and you’d blast the heck out of that air horn to get people’s attention.

So, back to my story… I’m swimming along, and I keep hearing, ‘tweet, tweet’, and I don’t think a thing of it. After about five short ‘tweets’, I popped my head up to see what was going on. That was when I saw all of the lifeguards gathered around a man that was having a siesure. Evidently, the siesure had started in the water, and they had to pull him out.

They cleared the pool, and called 911. Within minutes, a fire truck pulled up and oxygen was being adminsitered. The man was unconscious for about 5 minutes. Right as they were about to put him on the gurney, he regained consciousness, and he looked fine, if not a bit dazed.

As soon as they started pulling him out of the building, an announcement was made that warm ups could now resume.

So, I hopped back in the water and swam a few laps. After that, I stopped, and noticed there was only one other person in the pool with me. There were a few hundred people around, and no one was swimming… I felt like I was being a bit insensitive, so I hopped out of the water.

Someone later told me that the siesure man’s girlfriend was there, and she said that he has siesures all of the time, and that he’ll usually go to sleep for a few minutes afterwards, but then regain consciousness.

My only question would be – if you know that you are prone to siesures, why the heck would you go swimming?! That seems like you’re just tempting fate.

Anyway, the swim meet actually got started on time, despite that little incident.

As I was walking up to the blocks for my first race, I saw a girl that looked about 18, and she was wearing a 2004 World Championship Swim Meet sweatshirt. She also had the ‘look’ of a competitive swimmer. I was really bummed that I, as a 29 year old in the 18-29 age group, would have to race against her. Luckily, I later found out she was in another division, so even though we swam side-by-side, she wasn’t competing for me in rankings. She did give me a darn good run for my money, though.

So, are you ready for my rankings?

50 breast stroke: 2nd
50 back stroke: 1st
50 freestyle: 1st

Woo! It was fun, though my 50 free time was much slower than it had been in my prime. Results posted here.

One Response to “Shaken Up”

  1. CB May 19, 2005 at 8:01 am #

    Mel was right, you ARE a powerhouse!!!
    You Go girl!

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