My Day In Court

24 Sep

One month ago today, which was a Sunday, I crawled out of bed and decided to take Tucker the pooch on a mountain bike ride with me. I loaded him in the truck and my bike on the rack, and I was off. It is like a five minute drive to the trail head.

About three minutes later, I saw flashing lights behind me. I pulled over, and the officer informed me that I had been speeding. Strike one. He then asked for my license. Considering I was so close to home, I hadn’t bothered with bringing my license. Strike two.

Then he asked for my insurance. I pulled out my insurance paper and realized that I hadn’t replaced the expired papers with the new ones. Strike three. I’m out.

The officer graciously gave me a warning on the insurance and the license, but wrote me up for 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Now back in 1999, I had received one ticket for 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, and that ticket cost me $50/month extra on my Trans Am insurance until it finally fell off my record in 2002.

Since I didn’t want the ticket hitting my record, I decided to opt to go to court and ask to go to traffic school. Thanks to street closures and crappy parking downtown, I ended up parking 2 blocks away from the court and about 20 minutes late. I ran those two blocks in my suit and high heels. Not fun.

When I showed up to court, there were over 100 people in the court room. I was number 97. It took so long that I began to fret about my parking meter, knowing that I was running out of time on it.

After pleading no contest and asking for traffic school, I marched out of there and rushed to my car to find seven minutes left on my meter AND an angry parking ticket glaring at me from under my windshield wiper.

Yes, Mom and Dad, I let out a few explicatives at this point. The ticket was for not having a front license plate on my car.

Now come on, people. It’s a Trans Am. It has this beautiful pointed nose with a firebird emblem where the license plate is supposed to go. Sports cars look stupid with front plates. My front plate is conveniently stashed in my trunk.

So, after $90 for the speeding ticket, $20 for school, and $45 for my parking ticket, I now have a sparkling clean driving record again. I’d like to say that’s ‘priceless’ as they say in the Mastercard commercials, but it was rather pricey. All because I wanted to go mountain biking on a Sunday morning.

I hope all of you have a better day than I’ve been having.

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