Slot City Casino Game

If you are searching for a Slot game like wizard of oz emerald city with great illustrations and an amazing game play for your Android cell phone, then look no more.

This is a Los Vegas style casino application for casino game sweethearts who jump at the chance to play Slots now and again. This game has incorporated different components of gameplay, for example, step up, voice input, enough subjects, free coins and contending with companions highlight.

The Slot City Casino Game is by this prominent Android games like jackpot city slots application designer known as Dragonplay. Individuals who cherish step up as they play slots will appreciate this game minus all potential limitations. There are such a large number of levels and such a large number of components in this game will astound you.

Game Play

This game is played by putting down a wager with the in-game money i.e. coins and choosing the quantity of lines. The lines fill in as an approach to expand your conceivable outcomes of winning. The more the lines, the higher the chances you have of winning. However, the downside of this is it costs more coins for a turn.

Something else that you ought to know before wagering is that you utilize coins to wager, and you can wager up to a specific sum contingent on the level. Your arrival is specifically related to your wagered. So higher wager implies higher dangers and higher payouts. Wagered a sum that you can chance losing. You would prefer not to come up short on in-game money if you need to keep playing.

There is additionally this auto play include, which permits you to play the game naturally. It is helpful if you would prefer not to press the turn catch over and over. You could simply put the game in auto play for a specific number of rounds like 10, 20, 50 or 100. At that point after those rounds, you can amass your rewards. This makes it fast and an excruciating approach to level up.


The Slot City Casino Game is very fun and addictive. It is fun to the point that you may invest months of your energy playing this game. You can get so snared that you set this game on auto play for a considerable length of time at time to make sure you can level up. The engineers know their gamers and have made something really decent and addictive. Appreciate this slot game in your available time simply visit pur site to play the game snap here to visit the site