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Are You Scared?

29 Mar

As I was leaving the grocery store today, I was approached by a reporter for the Channel 2 news.

“I’d like to interview you on the murders in Montreux,” the reporter told me.

I was aware that two elderly people had been found dead in their homes in Montreaux yesterday (read article), but I didn’t know much more than that. Montreux is an upscale neighborhood about two miles East of my neighborhood, where homes values are in the multi-millions.

“I really don’t have an opinion on it.” I told the reporter.

She kept prodding, so I agreed to the interview, thankful I had at least managed a shower and some basic makeup today (which isn’t the norm now-days).

“Do you feel like your neighborhood is safe, knowing there is a killer on the loose?” She asks me.

I responded that I thought the murder was an isolated incident, and still thought that my neighborhood was safe.

But she kept prodding… What will you do, knowing there is a KILLER on the loose?

Well, maybe I’ll double check that the doors are locked tonight, I replied.

I think she was looking for someone to be dramatic, saying they were scared to death, and that they didn’t feel safe anymore, but that’s not the case with me.

I do have to admit, though, when I came home, I was a bit more aware, and made sure to lock the doors once Madelynn and I were inside… I guess you can’t be too careful, right?

So if you live in Reno, look for my dramatic interview on the Channel 2 news at 11 tonight.

Update: Well, they aired the story, taking the slant that area residents are petrified about the killer on the loose. They then took a tiny sound byte from me where I said I was going to lock the doors tonight. Pretty stupid if you ask me, but at least they didn’t use my name with the sound byte.

Cute As A Button

25 Mar

Here are a few of the professional portraits we had taken last week. Madelynn is modeling the outfit that I wore when I came home from the hospital.





22 Mar

It has been brought to my attention that I traumatized a few male relatives by talking about my nipples on this site. Sorry. I won’t ever mention my nipples on here again…. Although it could be fun to torment you with nipple talk… *contemplating this thought*

Tough Mama

21 Mar

Sunday was a great day. I’ve been getting a bit of cabin fever, so we decided to take Madelynn on her first snow shoeing outing. Now that we live in the foothills of Mt. Rose, driving up to Mt. Rose Meadows, a popular place for snow shoeing, takes only about 20 minutes.

JB wore Madelynn in the Baby Bjorn, and she did great. It was a beautiful day, and I was so happy to be out in the great outdoors again. In fact, I think we’ll go again next weekend. Here are a couple of pictures from the outing:

Madelynn in her snow hat

JB and Madelynn

After snow shoeing, I headed to the Siena spa for a 60 minute massage. I figured since JB has been skiing every weekend, it was high time that I get a special treat for myself while he stays home with the baby. It was luxury. And when I told the masseuse that I had been snow shoeing that day, she commented, “you had major surgery a little over a month ago and are already snow shoeing?! You’re tough!”

That’s right. I’m tough. Don’t mess with the Tough Mama.

Athlete’s Nipple

20 Mar

The Babe has Thrush. Thrush is basically like a yeast infection in her mouth. Her tongue and other spots in her mouth have this white, cottage cheese looking coating. When babies get Thrush, most likely, the mother has Thrush on her nipples.

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Since I am still attempting to breast feed her a few times a day, the pediatrician said I most likely have Thrush on my nipples, too. He prescribed an oral medication for Madelynn, and the most interesting over the counter treatment for me….

I am to put Lotrimin on my nipples three times a day. Does that name sound familiar? It is a cream used to treat athletes foot and jock itch. And evidently, it works for Thrush inflicted nipples, too.

No wonder my nipples itch. I think I’ll chuckle just a little each time I apply Lotrimin to the girls!

Picture Perfect

17 Mar

Yesterday, Madelynn and I ventured to JC Pennies for her first professional photo session. I put her in the special outfit featured in my last post, with the absolutely adorable bonnet.

I fed her before we left home, and waited to change her into the outfit until right before the photo session, so as to avoid any chance of her puking on the outfit or having a poop blow-out.

As I was buttoning her up into the outfit at the photo studio, she did a rather impressive puke, and luckily, I aimed her so that the puke went all over me and not the adorable outfit. That is what motherhood is about, right?

This meant that I smelled like puke, but the pictures turned out great. I should have them available to post in the next few weeks. The photographer was absolutely amazing with Madelynn, as she was on the verge of a melt down the entire time, but the photographer knew how to work with her to get a bunch of photos with her eyes open and with her asleep, too.

Now, it is time for me to go bond with my Medela pump. Ciao!

New Photos of The Babe

15 Mar

When my Mom came out to meet Madelynn, she brought the outfit in which she brought me home from the hospital. Here is a picture of me in that outfit 30 years ago:

Lynnette1_pink dress.jpg

Here is Madelynn in the same outfit:


And here is a photo of our new little family:


Fat Pants are Back

14 Mar

Well, I dug out my Fat Pants, or the pants I was wearing when I was at my highest weight before… Before I dropped 25 pounds. Three pairs fit me, but very tightly… Some of the others fit everywhere but the waist.

Part of me is happy to be wearing pants that aren’t maternity pants, but then most of me is really bummed that even some of my Fat Pants are too small for me right now, illustrating just how far I have to go in order to regain my pre-pregnancy body.

In a normal situation, I’d start working out like crazy and significantly cutting back my calories, but because of breast feeding and the 8 inch incision in The Belly, I can’t do that, and it’s frustrating. I go back to work in two months, and I would really like to avoid having to buy a whole new work wardrobe that would probably only last me until I lose the weight anyways… I know it has only been a month since I gave birth, but it’s still frustrating.

Not much else is new around here. It’s hard to update this blog daily when my life consists of feeding, pumping, changing diapers and soothing The Babe. Hard to come up with witty insights on all of that on a regular basis!

Shame On Me

10 Mar

Well, I decided to go out and buy some workout DVDs for those days when I can’t get outside or find someone to watch The Babe. I did Billy Blank’s Tae Bo Fat Blaster workout this morning… I felt great, but when I changed to shower, I noticed that a small portion of my incision had opened back up again. Oops… Luckily it doesn’t hurt, but that sure is freaky. I guess I have to take it easy a while longer. It’s frustrating feeling like I can work out hard, but having my body tell me otherwise….

Beware… I’m Ranting

9 Mar

I am so angry right now I can barely see straight.

I just got kicked out of the gym.

That’s right, starting last week, I headed back to the gym. I had been using the eliptical trainer, which was really my only way of getting exercise on the days when the weather was crappy, since I’m not supposed to have The Babe out in the cold. My plan is to do low impact cardio for another 2 weeks, and then start introducing weights again. I’m taking it slow, considering the size of the incision that was made in my belly.

I had a great system… I’d feed Madelynn, pump, and then head to the gym while she was napping. I’d put her (in her car seat) next to my eliptical trainer, and would get in a good workout for about a half hour. I had been three times, and each time she slept the entire time and was absolutely silent. You see, the gym day care won’t accept her until she is six weeks old, so I figured this way, I was responsible for my own child, and she really wasn’t bothering anyone.

Today, since it was snowing outside, I got dressed, fed her, pumped, drove to the gym, went to the eliptical trainer and was just about to get started when I was confronted by a gym employee, telling me I couldn’t have my baby by the machines because of the liability.



What the hell do they think is going to happen?! Do they think I am going to go flying off of my eliptical trainer, land on my child in her car seat, and then sue the pants off the gym?! What kind of liability is a sleeping infant?! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME?!!!!!

When I get pissed, and I mean really pissed, I tear up. It’s a really annoying quirk I have. Anyway, I teared up, and instead of ranting and raving and asking to speak to the manager, as I really wanted to do, I turned and stormed out, because I just couldn’t stop the tears between my anger and my post partem hormones.

Have a friggen heart, people. During pregnancy, you give up all control you have over your body. Despite the fact that I worked out up until the day I was admitted into the hospital, I have a lot of work now after the pregnancy to get my body back into the shape I want it. Working out has been my escape, too, when I do something just for me… Something that makes me feel good. It feels like I’m finally going to start having control over my own body again.

Yeah, I know that the gym day care will accept her in a mere two weeks, but I’m still pissed. It’s about the stupidest rule I have ever heard of, and I can’t believe how much money I’m paying per month there for them not to show a bit of leniency when the rule is so damn stupid.

That’s all I have to say today.

I Seriously Need Some Sleep

7 Mar

Last night was really rough. I had thought we really had the nights figured out, but last night, I think I got about 1 hour of sleep. I think her tummy hurt, as she just squirmed and squawked the whole night. She finally went down this morning at 9:30, when I was able to get about 2 hours of sleep. I sure hope tonight goes better, as I don’t know how many of those nights in a row I can handle. She sure seems to be feeling better now, though.

Anyway, my next project is baby announcements. I’ll post the electronic version of the announcement for my Internet friends.


It’s All About the Bodily Fluids

5 Mar

Today, when I was giving Madelynn a bath, she managed to puke in her bath. I should start calling her Bodily Fluid Baby.

Here are some new pictures, taken by my Mom.

After I burp her, she curls up into the fetal position and snuggles. One of my favorite things to do is sit with her like this.


She sleeps a lot, and strikes funny poses with her hands. Here is our sleeping angel.


The first night home from the hospital, I decided we needed a Lazy Boy rocker recliner. Because JB is a big guy, we got the Big Boy recliner, which we thought would make a funny picture with our tiny baby.


Madelynn just loves her swing. It puts her to sleep quite nicely.


Spewing From Every Oriface

4 Mar

This morning while I was changing The Babe’s diaper, she managed to puke, pee and shoot out projectile poop all at the same time! The poop shot out about two feet, splattering the carpet. She has talent, I must say…

Sleep Deprivation

2 Mar

You know you are sleep deprived when you discover that in the 4am diaper change, you forgot to throw the dirty diaper away, and fastened its velcro tabs to the new diaper. Poor kid had two diapers in her pjs this morning!

I’m still amazed at how quickly the days pass when all you’re doing is caring for a newborn. Madelynn and I got in a lot of good bonding time today. I spent almost two hours cuddling with her in bed this morning while she attempted to nurse. It was peaceful having her with me, and watching the snow fall outside. This afternoon, I took her for a walk in the Baby Bjorn when the weather cleared up.

She is currently hiccuping and farting away. It’s really cute, I must say.

OK, this is getting a bit too challenging, as she is kicking at my hands and squirming like crazy. More tomorrow.


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